Product Review: Dose of Colors and ColourPop Cosmetics

I have been wanting to purchase products from Dose of Colors and ColourPop Cosmetics for a long time now and they are finally here! One thing that stood out to me was their customer service. They were so prompt to answer all my questions and the delivery for these items was very fast. From the day I purchased them to when they arrived at my door was a total of 4 days! Not bad at all for regular shipping standards. Makeup items usually take up to 1 week or more to arrive. I will make sure to post a photo soon swatching these items.

Dose of Colors “Dare To Dazzle Trio"

These colors are to die for!! I am going to make sure to order another set before this limited edition is no longer available. The product glides on so smooth and has the perfect metallic finish. Its easy to work with, but once that product is on, it drys to a matte finish within a minute. I didn’t know what to expect since matte finishes have a dry look to them, but then these products are supposed to have a metallic finish. Once the product dried, I was so excited about the results! First of all, these colors are so rich and deep, prefect for the winter season. Secondly, the metallic finish is BEAUTIFUL and thirdly it stays on all day!!! Now that’s what you call a good lip product. : ) They are a bit on the pricey side, but the quality of the product is worth the extra money. : )

ColourPop Cosmetics

I have heard so many great reviews about this company and how their products are so affordable. Majority of their items are only $5.00! The packaging is gorgeous, fresh and contemporary. It comes in customized shipping box which is a nice touch. I am a graphic designer, so I really take notice to package design, colors and logos. Colourpop really exceeds with their banding!

Colour Pop Lippie Stix:

There are so many finishes they offer from matte, sheer, and satin. I ordered mostly matte, but wanted to try the sheer and satin finishes as well. The matte lippies are super pigmented which is great, but you have to work fast with this product because it drys very fast. The sheer lippies were good too. I am more of a high pigmented girl, but if you like something light with flush of color on your lips, then the sheer lippies are the way to go. The satin finish is probably my favorite. They are highly pigmented like the matte lippies, but leave your lips feeling moisturized and smooth and truly have a great satin finish thats not too shiny.

Colour Pop Eye Shadows:

As you can see, I ordered a bunch of these, mostly in a metallic finish because that’s in high demand with my South Asian bridal clients. All of these colors that I purchased are beautiful and highly pigmented. They also are one of the most creamy and velvety feeling shadows which make them even more amazing! For $5 a pop, you can’t go wrong with these shadows. If you are a beginner MUA looking to build your kit, I would HIGHLY recommend these products. They are affordable and great quality. I will definitely be ordering so much more from this company.

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